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EPT Marked Deck Copag Poker Size Jumbo Index Playing Cards

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Brand Copag EPT Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin Brazil Marked type Invisible ink back-side marked cards

EPT is European Poker Tour in shot. EPT playing cards is used for the EPT game. Normally it is poker size jumbo index with 100% finest plastic material, and it has different color design.

Many poker funs are fond of the playing poker game who incline to search the poker trick devices online. As the spent most of the time and money on the game, they are urge to gain more benefits from the poker games.

If so, marked EPT poker playing cards would be the best choice for poker player. Why we would suggest this type of cheating cards. Here comes the reasons as below.

    1. High Quality Orignal cards

      As the original cards is professional qualified playing cards, the marked EPT also enjoy those features. It is durable and washable better than the paper cards. To use the same original cards as material, it can also get the approbate for other poker players in the competition. It cause lesser suspicious.

          2. High marking quality

        Expect the bad luck boy, there is a majority of poker players using poker cheating device when they are addicting to poker game. It would be awkward if you get a pair of professional lens but without the professional marking quality cards. Sometimes the bad marking cards which can be read by the naked eyes, no need some special equipment to detect. Your secret is exposed to others. Marked EPT poker playing cards can save you from this embarrassment situation. The color tolerant of the cards is very small that people are unable to find it. The pretty clear marking can be read pretty easy by the cards reader at first sight.

            3. High pack quality

          High quality marked cards means the pack sealed way and each piece of cards rank order will be exactly the same as original. When the packing is well, people will be confused and regards the deck is brand new.

          Compare to other brand of playing cards', the price of marked EPT poker playing cards with high quality is very competitive. Take action now to send your inquiries, we will be glad to give the best offers and services in time.

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