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Modiano 54 Carte Blackjack Cheating Marked Cards with IR Ink

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Brand Modiano Blackjack Size Poker size
Color Red & blue Index Jumbo index
Origin Italy Marked type Marked cards printer

Modiano Blackjack playing cards is one of the best plastic Modiano cards that can be marked with invisible ink marks on the back for infrared contact lenses.

Modiano Playing cards is originated in Italy. Modiano cards feature superlative thickness and shape retention for crisp play and long life, as well as eye-catching colors and a unique texture unlike that of any other playing card.

Modiano Blackjack are 100% Plastic poker size playing cards with jumbo index. They are always available in red and blue color decks.

The best way to mark Modiano Blackjack playing cards with luminous ink

Since Modiano Blackjack playing cards are popular use for its good quality, the Modiano Blackjack marked cards, made of invisible ink marks on the original blackjack cards, are popular use for playing cards tricks with invisible ink readers. Our technicians in the cards marking factory can mark the cards well with invisible ink kit.

We mark the backside of the Blackjack playing cards with invisible marks indicating the suits and numbers. And no one with naked eyes can see these marks, only with luminous ink contact lenses or sunglasses can see such invisible marks.

The marked cards look like normal cards and nobody can find any difference. The players can see the numbers and suits of the marked playing cards by our perspective glasses and contact lenses.

With this amazing and incredible ink, the players can see the cards of opponents and know the result of poker games or other games when they wear our special contact lenses and perspective glasses.

Our GS marked cards company has history of more than 10 years experience in producing marked playing cards. No matter what kind of material and brand of cards you need with invisible marks, we can do our best to satisfy your requirement.

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