Texas and Omaha Scanning System

Texas and Omaha Scanning System

  • $1,800.00

Poker scanner system work well in the poker games Texas Holdem and Omaha. They are poker playing cards scanning device for the poker players or gamblers.

The poker playing cards scanning system is mainly designed for the victory of a poker player. No matter you are trying your luck in Texas Holdem or Omaha, our cheating scanning system devices of marked playing cards are working well.

The whole set of the poker scanner system includes four parts which work with each other exactly.

1st, barcode marked decks of poker cards. This is the basic in the poker scanning system.

2nd, poker scanning camera to scan the bar code marking cards. It can be a wireless scanner camera or a local scanning camera in the phone analyzer.

3rd, the poker analyzer to receive signal from the poker scanner camera and accurately predict the outcome of poker games. The poker analyzer can be a smart phone such as Iphone, Samsung and so on.

4th, a spy mini earpiece for the user to get the result secretly from  the phone analyzer.

The marked cheating playing cards scanning system are responsible for the victory of the users. Therefore, in order to avail the victory in the game of Texas and Omaha, you can get the poker cheating system that will giving you best hands or tell you results of your opponent cards. AKK scanner analyzer and CVK poker hand analyzer are among the most popular poker scanner system analyzers that many people make inquiries online for them.

 As well as Texas and Omaha scanning system, other poker scanner system for other poker games are for sale here. You can always get the devices to win the game of playing cards easily. Just make your luck in the game of playing cards with the invisible marked cheating playing cards devices!