Infrared Filter Contacts lens

  • $400.00

Infrared filter contacts  is not a new idea for the markets. It is proceed with special infrared filter coating based on the ordinary small round curved plastic piece contacts. The regular size is 14mm in diameter. The contacts lenses is famous for the magic function of reading the invisible infrared ink mark.

How to choose a pair of perfect marked cards contact lenses for yourself? Here is the information to help you pick out your own infrared filter contacts to read the hidden mark cards.

Normally when we buy the contacts, we need to visit the optician to get the prescription. For the magic contacts, they are without function of correcting visual defects. We need to note the contacts is for the special feature, after the coating process. It is a plain filter for the myopia eyes. The suggestion is wearing the ir contacts for the magic function inside, then wearing the opposed glasses to control the visual defect.

If there is no particular requirement, the color of the marked cards contacts lenses will be transparent with dark purple on the middle. The dark purple area is the real function area for seeing invisible ink marks on the back of the playing cards. This area can be 9mm or 7mm. When you have special needs, the dark purple filter area can be narrowed.

There are also quality standards for option. The standard contacts only has the reading infrared marking usage. The price is pretty cheap, which makes everyone could affordable. If you are ready to try this type of products, this would be your first option. Compare to the normal quality contacts, the professional quality infrared filter contacts is more comfortable for eyes, it can be used for longer time. It is normally be offered to the professional poker player.