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How to make a marked deck of cards?

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There are some articles and instruction online about how to mark playing cards. Some is about how to mark magic playing cards with a needle or a knife so as to make mini marks for naked eyes can see. Usually people can't notice these marks and even some see it, they don't know what it means. Only people with the marking rule can know the meaning of every sign. This kind of marking playing cards can suit situation that the reader is near to the cards only. If in a farther distance, people can't see or tell the marks.

Here we are talking about how to make another kind of marked playing cards, luminous ink marked cards. Quite a lot of guys have interesting in it and wonder how the marked deck of cards are made. And some buy cards marking invisible ink to try marking the poker cards themselves directly. However, it's not so easy.

How to make a deck of marked cards?

Firstly, we need to have a good quality deck of clean poker playing cards. The so called good quality deck here refers to an original deck of playing cards, such as a deck of Copag Texas Holdem cards.

Secondly, we need to have the high tech cards marking machine, which can mark perfect marks on playing cards. Someone buy ink and invisible ink pens to mark their poker cards and find that the marks are visible to naked eyes. However, the same ink may work well by marking machine.

Thirdly, the special invisible ink is quite important in making luminous marked decks. Here the ink may not refer to one kind of ink. It might be a mix of several kinds or even hundreds of ink or powder. The ink to mark different brand and models of cards must be different because of different materiel. Usually our technical staff may test the ink on a certain kind of card for many times before marking a whole deck of poker cards. They need to test again and again before finding the perfect ink for that card. And the color or brands of cards change, the ink need to change again so as to make high quality marked cards.

There seem to be many guys looking for luminous ink or ink pens online to mark playing cards. In fact, their final purpose is to use marked playing cards in games so as to the final winner. it's a good experience to try marking poker cards. However, the best way for enjoying the poker games is to buy directly the good quality marked deck of poker cards with the related marked cards contact lenses or poker glasses!

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