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Professional marked cards VS standard quality marked cards

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What is professional quality marked deck of cards? And what about the standard quality ones?

Here let's have a discussion about the quality of marked deck of cards, which also have business about the prices.

Some customers might make inquiry from some different places and compare the prices before making an order. It works for some products such as a certain well-known model phone or electric equipment. And of course we must make sure they are not copied ones. In this way, for the same products with the same quality, we can choose the ones of lower price.

As for marking playing cards, there's a series of processes that from choosing the cards and ink to marking the cards by machine and repacking the cards. In every steps, there might be different situation appearing. To make a high quality marked deck, we need to deal everything well in every steps.

1stly, the original good quality playing cards is necessary for making a good marked deck. Take the KEM cards for example, the original clean cards can't be kept in the air for too long a time or the cards will become bad. So the KEM marked cards must be the good pack new clean deck. If they don't be dealt well in time, then need to mark new decks instead. 

2ndly, the invisible ink influence the quality of marked poker cards. Please note that the so called invisible ink is not only one single kind of ink, it's the special liquid of invisible or luminous juice made of many kinds of powder or toner. And the mix and dispensing of invisible ink is always the technical secrets of the technicians. For every technician from different company, the ink to mark cards is different for sure. And the prices of the series ink or powder is much different, which may influence the quality and price of marked cards.   

3rdly, the skills to mark playing cards is very important. Even with the same ink and the same cards marking device, different person may make out different quality marked decks of poker cards. Thus we should know that the best marked cards from different company may be in different quality.

Here in my marked cards shop, the professional marked deck refers to those playing cards marked with the most expensive and advanced ink that can work well with people wearing infrared contact lenses or glasses. What's more, every marking step works well and nothing goes wrong with the high quality marked decks. If there's anything gooing not s operfectly, the marked cards will be dealt as standard quality marked cards. And for most standard quality marked cards, they are the common marked decks that most company can mark. The ink is usually the normal ink that most company may use.

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